Sunday On The Go

This Sunday Jon had a video shoot in Connecticut that I was tagging along to, so I wanted to make sure I was both comfortable and stylish at the same time. Plus did any of you notice I've been on a casual dress kick! I knew I would potentially be doing some running around myself helping out a bit with little things here and there so I wanted to be sure if I was going to wear a dress it was practical (enough haha). It was also much colder today than it was yesterday which I was NOT thrilled about, this is the hardest part about living in New England - the back and forth weather in the spring.

P.S. - I like to wear short basic biker shorts underneath a lot of my dresses, especially if I'm on set at one of Jon's shoots. I'm not one who likes to be restricted by the potential of giving people a show! The shorts I wear are often from Forever 21, they also have cute lace trim ones!

xo Kas