Date Night!

Free People Romeo Mini Dress

Also available in orange!

Hi guys! I'm back with a little throwback post from a date night Jon and I had back in September. We ended up going to this restaurant called The Alvah Stone in Montague, a quaint little town near us (about an hour from our house!). I had been dying to go back to this restaurant because I had only been once a long while ago and I knew the outdoor space would be perfect for photos for the blog. When you arrive at the location, you walk through a little cobblestone area where the Montague Book Mill and cafe is. Then you arrive at the stairs to the restaurant and their outdoor seating area is right on the Sawmill River - it is absolutely beautiful. See pictures below!

Alright so enough about what it looks like, because looks can only get you so far as Jon and I had the pleasure of finding out. The service was honestly terrible, our waitress made us feel like we were both lepers and the food was just bad. Jon had some type of steak dish and I had gnocchi. Mine just had way too much going on flavor wise and was very strongly sautéed in onion. Our dessert was very good though, a chocolate torte with raspberry sorbet. Honestly, by the time the check came and I realized our terrible service and food cost us over $100 I decided that Jon was going to pick our next dinner date destination!!! I will say that I would absolutely go back during the day, grab a latte at their cafe and poke around in the book mill, but I will not be going back to The Alvah Stone - even if someone paid me. Their drinks weren't even good and I can get down with a great craft cocktail but they just don't have it (sorry, not sorry).

About the outfit though - Oh my gosh I was so very excited to wear this outfit I can't even tell you! This dress/tunic from Free People is EVERYTHING and it is on sale right now for under $100 at ASOS! I absolutely love how it is so versatile, I can dress it up like I did here for date night or I can make it more business professional with leggings and boots. The best part about it is that it is actually comfy, and with the fabric being double layered it is soft and warm. I feel like I have a tendency to just stumble upon pieces like this when I'm out shopping and they become a staple in my closet. I knew it would be great for fall, with nothing underneath it (except my handy shorts - gotta keep it classy y'all!!) and into the winter I can wear it with leggings, tights or stockings. The hat has been sitting in my closet waiting to be worn for some time now, this was a Nordstrom Rack find, I legitimately paid $6 for it and it is Betsy Johnson. The original tag was something like $75! The shoes are from Charlotte Russe, also very cost effective. I had originally bought them last year for Halloween to wear with my all black outfit and they worked out perfect but sense then I wear them any chance I get. I love how they add edge to this otherwise boho outfit.

I hope you all enjoyed my little rant & review! I will be back very soon with more outfit inspo <3

xo Kas