A Casual Saturday Afternoon

This Saturday I had to be at school for 7:30am, which for me is SOOOO early considering how much I love to sleep in. As a result of sleeping in until the last possible minute on school days, I generally decide to do my hair in a high pony which always seems to be an easy fix. When I got out of school Jon needed to go meet a client so we decided to take a ride (it was a beautiful day!) but I needed a quick and easy outfit to match my new Fenty trainers (which I absolutely LOVE by the way). My mom happened to give me this custom Raider's jersey a few weeks ago that she no longer wears, and the silver/black combo worked so perfectly with the new trainers that I couldn't believe I pulled the outfit together with so little thought. Originally we weren't even planning on shooting this outfit but when I posted the iPhone photo on my blog it received so much attention that we decided to give it a go. This look was extremely easy to put together, and with jersey/shirt dresses being one of the hottest trends right now I couldn't resist! Check the links below for the trainers and accessories!

Custom NFL Jersey here

FentyxPuma Trainer Hi here

Louis Vuitton NeverFull GM here

Similar sunglasses here

xo Kas