My Experience With Derma-Rolling

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So tonight as I was performing my derma-rolling routine, I felt inspired to share my experience with you all! Now I will preface this post with a disclaimer: I am not an esthetician, dermatologist, physician, or anything close. I am a normal girl with a love for skincare and natural solutions. This post is based solely on my experience and internet research of derma-rolling.

Alright! Now that that's out of the way - lets get to the fun part! SO derma-rolling for those who do not know, is a skincare technique that can be performed by a professional usually an esthetician or dermatologist OR at home. The technique involves using a small roller with stainless steel/titanium needles to be rolled over the face, these needles are TINY and depending on the roller there is usually 250-600 needles per roller. Now you're probably thinking 'why in gods name would I want to roll tons of tiny needles all over my face??!!' but the answer is simple! Derma-rolling has many benefits, starting with the fact that the needles create 'micro-injuries' to the skin which triggers a natural healing response. This healing response triggers the production of collagen which in turn creates smoother, plumper and firmer skin.

I swear that for about a year I had kept returning to Google to look up derma-rolling and it's benefits but never could seem to pull the trigger to purchase one and give it a go. My skin had been on the fritz for a little bit there, and you CANNOT use a roller when you have active acne - this is a big reason why I waited a bit longer than I probably would have to get started with the process. The reason why you wouldn't want to roll with active acne is because you will end up just spreading the bacteria from even one pimple to the rest of your face and create an even bigger mess. So my friends, PLEASE do not use a roller even with a couple of pimples because I can promise you it will absolutely make it worse - I know because I have made the mistake!!

As far as the results, well, I'm addicted! I'll admit it! I love derma-rolling and I want to shout it from the roof tops!! My main reasons are that I do find that my skin is WAY more smooth after a rolling session. True story: I gave my mom a kiss hello the other day when I went to her house and she legit said 'omg your skin is so soft Kas!'. Besides the softer skin, I find that my face just glows and I've been getting compliment after compliment. Any discolorations that I may have had have faded, and any texture issues are improving. Now I will say that it takes patience, you will probably notice a slight change in your skin after one use but it is not a miracle so be persistent and get into a routine in order to see the best results. Depending on how my skin is doing overall, at times I derma-roll once every other day for a week and then switch to once a week or sometimes I switch to every couple of weeks.

Some tips if you're going to start a rolling regimen:

1) I recommend rolling at night! There isn't really a better time, considering it causes redness and you shouldn't apply makeup directly after. Cleanse thoroughly and perform before bed. This is important because you should be very careful about what you apply to your face afterwards! Think about how you've just created micro channels for product to enter your skin through, chose wisely!

2) Be prepared: your face will definitely get red, mine gets exceptionally red to be honest and Jon knows how addicted I am and as soon as he sees me with the red face he knows it was a rolling night!

3) DO place your roller in rubbing alcohol BEFORE and AFTER rolling - regardless, this is no exception in my book - I don't care if you live in a sterilizer for gods sake. Like Nike, just do it haha! Remember these are needles you are puncturing your skin with, you have to be cautious and mindful of this.

4) What you put on your face after you roll is extremely important. Many different brands sell serums, I have one that had worked very well for me which I will link below. I prefer a collagen boosting serum because it will just enhance the effort of the roller, and also helps aid in the recovery process. On this note, some people recommend a vitamin C serum after and I have no idea why. Vitamin C will likely be too abrasive afterwards and will burn I am sure. The same is true for any AHA/BHA products. I lay off my AHA serum for about 2-3 days after rolling because skin will likely feel a bit sensitive and you want to allow time to soothe, heal and rebuild.

5) I find it to be ok to wear makeup the next day and have never had any issues with my skin breaking out because of rolling the night before. That being said, for the most part I use fully organic makeup products which are loaded with skin happy ingredients so I am sure that's another reason why my skin loves me!

One final word on rolling! Do your research and look into it before you give it a go, but in all honesty it has been a game changer in regards to my skin care routine. I will be posting soon about the other aspects of my skincare routine, as well as my makeup products so stay tuned! All the products I use have been linked below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions <3



My first dermaroller

My second dermaroller

My favorite serum

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