Boston For Halloween

So back in October, my bestie Chris and I went out to Boston for Halloween weekend and had a BLAST. I had been dying to feature this outfit sense I got it this summer at Zara but hadn't had the opportunity. Right before we went away I happened to have received my shipment for these shoes and I thought they would add a little bit of a twist from the heels I normally would wear with these pants. They totally change the outfit from business to edgy. All summer I was wearing these pants with the cutest strappy open toe sandals, but I'm glad I stepped outside my comfort zone here. I feel like Kim K has totally been inspiring me to rock heeled boots with things I normally wouldn't have. Um hello, sweatpants and heeled boots! This summer I attempted to throw on a pair of Jon's sweatpants with my heels and run out the house with him but he ordered me to change at once because he couldn't be seen in public with me in that outfit LOL. I will admit, those sweatpants were definitely a BIT too large haha. Anyways, I've been in an experimenting stage where I'm in the mood to mix things up more than usual. On that note, I've been working through a few new creative ideas recently and hope to give them a go in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned <3



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