Christmas Eve!

Hi all! Merry Christmas Eve!

I am so very excited for Christmas this year! It is our first Christmas in our new apartment and I couldn’t be happier to celebrate the holiday season here :) Below is a picture of our tree! This year we decided to get a real one and I insisted that it be about 7’ tall because our ceilings are 9’ in our gorgeous early 1900’s apartment. I am so into old apartments/houses, we just got so lucky to find one that had a completely renovated kitchen and bathroom right before we moved in!

Anyways enough about my vintage obsession and on to Christmas Eve! This year, I wanted to wear a skirt/sweater combo, which happened to work out perfectly with the weather. In New England you never know what you’ll get, 2 years ago it was 65 degrees and I had the convertible top down of my bimmer! Crazy!!

My skirt was such a great find last year at H&M, and the sweater is actually a throwback wool/mohair blend sweater from when Victoria’s Secret used to sell clothes (so sad they don’t anymore!!!). The sweater is so warm and comfy, it’s always a go-to for me on particularly cold days and I actually have it in 2 colors.

I wanted to add a bit of an edge to the outfit, especially because I’ve been LIVING in my over the knee boots lately and wore them for Thanksgiving - so I decided on fishnet tights and heeled boots. I have been SO obsessed with these boots but haven’t had a chance to wear them besides one time in Boston for Halloween weekend. School had made me somewhat of a home body (hence, lack of opportunities to wear them out lol) and these boots are far too tall to wear all day at work. Not for me, but for other people’s sake haha! They are from Shoe Dazzle which I have been LOVING many of their shoes and I’d have to say that I’ve ordered probably 8 pairs in the last 6 months or so. These boots are called the Maxwell bootie, and they are on sale right now for $20 - so hurry up & cop um!

My sister decided to make a cameo this Christmas on the blog and I'm so happy to have her! Hoping I can utilize her more often for her styling as well, stay tuned!

Alright my loves, keeping it short and sweet today as Jon & I have parties to attend to but I hope that all of you enjoy your Christmas Eve and I can’t wait to share with you again soon!