Christmas Gifts This Year

Happy Day After Christmas Everyone!

I had the best day on Christmas Eve, and the laziest Christmas Day! On Christmas Eve Jon and I got back home kind of late around 11pm but we had planned all day to set up on the couch with Home Alone and gingerbread cookies next to our tree with the fire going. Home Alone is my absolute favorite Christmas movie, and I couldn't find it on any streaming service this year besides Starz. I know it's their way of trying to get people to pay for Starz own streaming service, and I almost gave in but Jon came through for the win and saved the day when he picked the DVD up for us. I LOVE thoughtful gifts like that, he had just seen it and thought of me. He knew all month I had been complaining about how I can't find it online anywhere haha (hello you'd think I'd just go buy it!). Those are the types of gifts I love the most, knowing that he knows me and what I love so well <3

Can we also talk about how we woke up Christmas morning to snow! A legit white Christmas, I am so happy I don't even know the last time we had one. Here in Massachusetts it started snowing late Christmas Eve and by the time we woke up there were at least 5 inches of snow. So beautiful! Made our Christmas morning lazier than I expected, but we were a bit snowed in and didn't leave the house until around 4pm.

For todays post, I thought I would go through the lineup of Christmas gifts I received this year. I feel like as I continue to get older it's harder for people to buy me gifts because I usually just buy things for myself as the year goes on. This year I received so many cute and useful gifts from the people I love. There is a bit of a story behind a couple of the gifts, so I'll explain as we go!

This Northface is so different from any I have ever seen, and Jon knows how I love anything 'exclusive' looking or just different - so he nailed it with this one!! I haven't had a new Northface in so long, and I've always wanted a white one but never wanted just a plain white one. Jon has a way of reading my mind! So this Northface is actually in Girls sizes, I am a Large. Look at the size chart and you may be surprised to find out that girls sizes will fit you too :)

Northface HERE

So I was looking for a longer puffer coat for so long, but never felt like I found one that had enough style and was affordable. I have been really into Zara, so when I checked out their winter coats I wasn't surprised to find one I loved. I got mine in a size small, Zara has a cool feature on their website that allows you to put in your height/weight and body type in order to recommend the correct size. The arms are comfortably fitted, and the body fits in a slightly loose way which I love the look of especially when I wear it open/unzipped. I didn't realize when I picked it out that the zipper area in the front actually zips out so that the collar and front zip can be taken out. I love coats that are able to be modified! I also just LOVE this jacket, with the goose down and the styling - it is just a chic looking coat overall. I know I'll be able to wear it dressed up for work, or dressed down. So obsessed!

Zara coat HERE

Alright, so living in New England calls for some really great snow boots. The winter that I got my first pair of Ugg Adirondack boots we probably had 3-4 storms with 7-12" of snow each time. My first pair was grey, I would've preferred the tan at the time that I bought them but with them being $350 and the grey ones being on sale for about $220 it was hard to pass them up. As soon as I bought them I was getting compliments left and right from people saying they had looked for the grey ones everywhere and couldn't find them, I felt like I had missed the memo that the grey ones were the cooler ones haha! But I'll tell you something, I still have that original pair and still wear them, they've got to be 6 years old by now. This year I was looking to get a fresh new pair and I found this limited edition where Ugg paired up with Pendleton to create National Park editions. This pair is the Yosemite edition, each National Park they created a boot for had a different color and with blue being my second favorite color I had to have them! Ok, but here is the only thing - these limited edition ones are sold out everywhere (at least everywhere I looked!) but that being said I'll link below the basic ones and they are on sale for under $200!! YOUR WELCOME :)

Grey Adirondack Tall HERE

Tan Adirondack Tall HERE

Since we moved to our new apartment I finally now have somewhere to put my record player again!! Yay! I have been into Lana Del Rey for a while now, and especially with being in school I just find her music so relaxing when I am writing papers, etc. I was going to ask Jon for this record but I just didn't and guess what? The man read my mind! Legitimately, I am so excited about getting this record! I believe it is on sale right now at Target, so if you have a thing for records jump on it cause this 2 record set usually goes for about $50.

Lana Del Rey Lust For Life Record HERE

Jon also picked me up some great Bath & Body Works stuff, here are 2 of the items he got me that are newer and I'm completely obsessed with. The Almond Vanilla lotion is just way too good! The Ginger Cardamom body scrub is also to die for, so go pick them up!!

Ginger & Cardamom Sugar Scrub HERE

Almond & Vanilla HERE

Robes! Who doesn't love a good robe! I use a robe every single morning when I am getting ready and I love cats so it's only right that I would obsess over a furry 'cloud robe' with cat ears. Jon knew how obsessed I was with this robe and he kept telling me that I have too many robes and I 'don't need another' and totally lead me to believe that I wasn't going to get it haha!! Of course he did this so that I would be extra surprised and it worked. I am so excited, I love being curled up in a good robe - it's better than a hoodie! The pink one that he got me is actually sold out, pink is my favorite color I'm so happy he was able to get it. The white however is still available. Just a disclaimer about this robe: it is like 2 or 3 layers of fabric so it is VERY warm. Almost as warm as a jacket, so if you happen to run hot I would say this may be too warm for you (unless your house is kept a bit cold). I always run pretty cold, so it is absolutely perfect!

Pink Cloud Robe (sold out) HERE

White Cloud Robe HERE

About a month ago I was trying to finish my finals for school and I found it so hard to concentrate because my toes were so cold! I think it's circulation or something but my toes are almost always cold. So off I went on a Google search hoping to find something to put my toes out of their cold misery! I started by searching heated slippers and I found the most obnoxious adorable heated unicorn slippers. I am so obsessed with them! How brilliant is it to have slippers that heat up? So they only heat up while being plugged in, but the heat stays for about 30-45 minutes once you unplug them so you should be good to go for a while. My sister got them for me and I've got to say, between the unicorn slippers and my cloud robe with the ears I'm just killing it!

Unicorn Slippers HERE

My mom always comes through with the cutest clothes for me, but she always comes through with great house gifts too. When Jon and I moved into our new apartment I picked out this super cute poppy flower printed dinnerware set from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had only gotten one set because I just wasn't sure if we would be fine with a 4 place setting set or if we would need more. Turns out we were better off with 2 sets, because what happens if we had of our dishes in the dishwasher right? Well we learned really quickly that a 4 place setting set was just not enough. So mom came through with another set, and we are so excited to have 8 place settings now! I am so obsessed with this print, the fact that the plates are square and the PRICE!! Hello a 4 place setting dinnerware set for $40, and you can use a 20% off coupon - STEAL. We have been using them for almost 6 months and wash them SO often, they are durable and still look like the first day we got them.

Poppy Dinnerware Set HERE

Mom also got me 2 sets of mixing bowls, I realized I didn't have any in our new place the first time I was making muffins and had to use a salad bowl LOL! I had seen both of these sets and thought they were so cute, I guess mom did too because she got us (me) both! The blue 'Calypso' bowls are very heavy duty, love these when you need a bowl that won't fly around on the countertop. The stainless steel mixing prep bowls are a bit lighter weight but very high quality, and I love them cause they have a hammered look to them just like our flatware set does. She also got us the cutest spoon rest, you never know how badly you need one until your countertop is a mess from having to put spoons down on it!

Calypso Mixing Bowl Set HERE

Hammered Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set HERE

Spoon Rest HERE

Have a great week guys!