Nordstrom Sale Steal!

Hey all!

I had to do a quick post about these boots, because they are just TOO hot and on super sale right now at Nordstrom. I have a nightly ritual that I'll share with all of you: after working a full day, coming home and doing homework I often find that online shopping is what de-stresses me. I curl up in bed, and scroll through the Nordstrom sales, how many of you do the same? If you don't, you're missing out - but with that said I'll be more than happy to snag the deals for you all and feature them here!

I had been looking at these boots since right before Christmas, but with it being the season of giving I didn't feel like purchasing gifts for myself was appropriate. It's a good thing I waited, because my birthday was New Years Eve and there weren't many things on my birthday list this year. Jon bought them for me as my birthday gift and we just ordered them this week. One thing I absolutely LOVE about Nordstrom is that their shipping times are insane!!!! Jon ordered them on Wednesday I believe and by Friday I had them, that was with free shipping too. Every single time I order from them, I receive my order so quickly, it makes me want to order all the time!

Alright, so my sister worked at Macy's in the shoe department years ago now, but when she did she developed an obsession for Vince Camuto. Now at the time I hadn't really been up on Vince, but Chelsea made sure to introduce me. I have loved Vince ever since. These boots are no exception. I had been looking for a different over the knee boot, the Stewart Weitzman style is still very popular but I wanted something with a little more detail. These boots have the most beautiful whipstitching and linear cutouts. They were originally $240 and are now on sale for $120. They have a 3.5" heel and a 20" shaft which you can tell comes up perfectly right above the knee. There is a another version of these boots available too by Vince Camuto, but they only have a 1 3/4" heel and a 22" shaft, those are $159. I was torn between the two because I loved them both, but I'm only 5'3" and tend to feel more comfortable in a slight heel. Who knows, maybe I'll pick those up too! Link's are below for boot details!



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