My Favorite New Free People Blouse

Hey Loves!

I recently ordered two new Free People outfits from Macy's (one of which was my last post), but I saved the best for last!

When I first saw this blouse I was looking at the gold color and I was completely obsessed. It was $98 at the time though, and even though I probably would've splurged for it because I just loved it so much I decided to wait to see if it would go on sale. Lucky me, it did! Once I found it again it happened to be on Macy's website and I realized that they had a lot of Free People pieces on sale. I love the brand, and the versatility that all of their pieces have. In the photos I'm wearing it as a dress, but in most cases I'm going to wear it for work with dress pants, or with jeans/leggings for casual. I'm also thinking of pairing it with a cute faux leather mini skirt! I am wearing an XS, and it's pretty big - and as you can see it is very long in the back as expected. TIP: The XS is a tad too short though to wear as a dress (at least for me, I'm about 5'3"), if the plan is to wear it belted as a dress like I did, definitely order a size up.

I went with the black color which I had never seen before because it was the only color available at the time, and now it's back in gold. I've always been someone who would order multiples of something in different colors if I love it that much, so it's likely I'll do the same with this one. Whoops! One thing that I did notice is that none of the photos on Macy's website truly show off how silky it is. It really is much silkier looking in person and when I opened my package I was very pleasantly surprised by this. So if there is one downside to this shirt though, it's that it is VERY warm. Turns out it is actually polyester, now I'm not so surprised that it is very insulating haha!

Overall, I've already worn it 4 or 5 times and I've had it less than a week. I can't wait to pick out a cute mini to wear it with! Below I've also linked the pair of pants I also bought to wear it with. I wasn't modeling them here because I'm waiting for the shoes I ordered to come in that go with the pants. They're an amazing green velvet and for some reason this year I'm LOVING velvet. Fun fact: my mom used to wear velvet on holidays when I was a kid! My love likely stemmed from that. I'll be sure to post the different ways to style the outfit on my Instagram once the shoes and skirt come in!! In the mean time, snatch up these deals before they're all gone <333



Free People Silky Nights Blouse HERE

Free People Velvet Cropped Flare Jeans HERE