Spring Sweater Roundup

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a nice comfy sweater. Ones that I can just throw on for a casual weekend or dress up for work, I try to fit sweaters into my outfits whenever I can! With New England being particularly cold for this time of year, I figured I would do a round up of my favorite sweaters right now.

The first three in the widget below are ones that I just recently picked up, and the fifth on the list is also one I've recently purchased. What I love about most of the sweaters I've listed below is that they will easily work into the spring and early summer months (hello, cool summer nights guys!) - that is if the warmer weather ever decides to show up! The Free People sweater in particular is mostly made out of cotton, so it will be great with shorts. It is a bit cropped, so it works best with high waisted jeans or shorts. A note about Free People if you are new to the brand: they usually run pretty large (in everything) - so for reference I am usually an XS in everything from them. With this Sand Dunes sweater in particular though, I ordered a small so that it would fit a bit longer, and it worked out perfectly. With the weather the way it is, I have been wearing it with my high waisted Levi's (pictured) or my black high waisted A&F jeans.

The sweater in the picture above is the second in the widget, it comes in four colors: orange, blue, black and white. Both the orange and the blue are my favorite because they're so bright. When I purchased mine, I found it in the store and it only came in blue - but I'm not complaining! I am usually an XS in sweaters at H&M, but I went with a small this time because this one is also slightly shorter but definitely not cropped like the Free People one. I've worn the blue chenille sweater like 5 times in one week!! Work, casual, lounging around - it is just TOO comfy!

The third sweater in the widget I did get in that pink color, and it is just so darn cute. It is definitely a thicker sweater, and like I said right now in New England the weather is pretty cold for April so it works perfectly to wear without a coat. With that being said, this one in particular is likely going to have to get put away for fall/winter due to it's thickness. The fifth in the widget is so adorable in pink, it is like the cutest bubblegum pink but the styling of it makes it look sophisticated. I received so many compliments and I've only worn it one day so far. I will warn you, it is absolutely itchy. Not the painful prickly itchy that some sweaters can give off, but just the annoying itchy. I personally wore it with a white tank top under it, it has the holes in the stitching where you can see through it. When it's very cold in the winter months I'm known to layer long sleeves under sweaters, but this one looks much cuter with just a tank - so theres no saving yourself from the itchiness - I just suffered through for fashion haha! It is very warm too, so this one won't make it into the summer months.

You'll be seeing a bunch of these sweaters in upcoming photos, and a lot of them are on sale right now so I had to share! Some of those listed I have not purchased yet, but they are on my to-buy list. Many of them are thinner and will work perfect for Spring days and Summer nights.

Happy Shopping!