Meet Hunter!

Oh happy day!!!!

As you can see from this blog title (and pictures below!), we got a kitten!! There is a little bit of a backstory to us getting him, so I thought I would share with you all.

Jon and I have been together nearly four years this coming fall/winter, and we were friends for a year before that. For some reason when we first started dating I didn’t take his cat allergy too seriously, which was totally my bad hahaha! When we first met/started dating I already had a kitty named Coco Chanel. She was my little hellraiser, I got her when I was 13 and so she lived with me at my parents house until I moved out. When I moved in with Jon she stayed home with my parents for a couple of reasons the first being that she was accustomed to living there, and also because Jon is allergic. Every time he would come over to my parents house he would be itchy and sneezing from Coco. I knew it wouldn’t work if she was to move with us to our apartment, and yes I felt a bit guilty but my parents gave her so much love and she was so content there that I accepted it.

Fast forward to November of 2017 and my Coco passed away in her sleep at my parents house. She was not sick, and I had actually seen her earlier that day and she was acting completely normal and loving as she usually does. Of course I was completely heart broken, I honestly couldn’t believe it because we had no warning. It took a long time for me to get over her passing and I’m still sad that she is gone but I know she had a great life with us. Obviously, after the loss of a pet, you need time before you get another one. At least some people do. I was one of those people, because I couldn’t imagine any kitty being as good as her, she was just a dream and too beautiful!

Once time had passed, I couldn’t help but want another kitty, especially because Jon often travels for work and we only foresee him traveling more in the future. Well, I would sometimes ask him if we can get a kitty and he would just talk about how bad his allergies get with them but that one day we could get one once we have a house because it would be “bigger” and the kitty would have more space to spend time away from him LOL. Of course I wouldn’t want him to suffer just for me to have a kitty. His comfort and happiness is way more important to me than a pet. In addition to allergies, another wrench in the equation was that our lease says ‘no pets’ but it also says ‘unless you have permission from the landlord’. I know a couple of people living here have had pets before, and I felt like he would probably let us get a kitty if we asked. That was BESIDES the point, I had to keep telling myself we couldn’t get a kitty because of allergies and I needed to stop longing for one!

As you can imagine, in four years there have been many many times we have discussed kitties and just as I started to tell myself to give it up, my mom and sister adopted an entire litter!!! SMH!!! They each adopted two kittens, they both took a boy and a girl home and they are THE absolute cutest kitties. Mom and dad have Ricky and Lucy (The Ricardo’s haha) and Chelsea and Sonam (her boyfriend) have Chico and Kiwi. Don’t worry the mommy kitty was also adopted to a loving home and she is beautiful! My thought process when they adopted these kittens was that I could just go spend time at their houses with the kitties and that would give me my animal fix. I suppose it did, to an extent, but there is something different when you are a pet mommy.

Even though we couldn’t have a real one, Jon and I would always send kitty memes to each other through text or DM on Instagram. Also TikTok has the greatest kitty videos which Jon would always send me. We were crazy about the videos and memes because they were always just the cutest and funniest. So it wasn’t unusual for Jon to send me cute cat videos, but one day he was sending me a bunch while I was at the gym and out of nowhere he says “you can get a kitty” and I was mid-workout like am I reading this properly!?!?!?! So of course I said “Babe I definitely can’t” and he just says “you can” and starts sending me screen shots from Dakin’s website with the cutest little kittens! I went home and I said “you better not be kidding because you can’t take this back once you really say I can get a kitty!!”though I know he would have NEVER said I could get one if he didn’t mean it because he knows how badly I wanted one.

So that night, we picked out the cutest orange kitty - I have always wanted an orange one! We fell in love and called Dakin at 9pm at night and left a voicemail saying we would like to put a deposit on him. 0-100 real quick! Within two hours we had picked one out and had plans to pick him up within twenty-four hours of being told I could get one! The next step would be to call my landlord and ask permission, which I did the next morning and I almost shit my pants hahaha! I love my landlord, he’s the best, always takes care of things and is super nice but I felt like I was an underage kid asking a parent if I could get a tattoo or something LOL. He said yes and I was overjoyed! I was at my nail techs house when I called and we were both holding our breath. Shortly after that I received a call from Dakin letting me know that the kitty we wanted to hold was already being adopted that day by someone else. Of course I was disappointed but I was convinced there would be another one that was right for us there.

Jon wanted me to go with my mom and sister to pick out the kitty because that is how we have always done it and he just wanted me to pick one I was in love with. The one thing he said was to not bring home a black kitty (for the record: I do think black kitties are the cutest and would have totally adopted one!) and we both decided we wanted a boy. Well, fate would have it - of course all of kittens available to be seen that day were black or nearly black. Except I found one named Zara and she was a cute black and brown mix and too sweet! So there I go, picking a black kitty and it is a female not a male! Off to a great start hahaha. I’m frantically texting Jon about her and he just said as long as I loved her then go for it. She was not fixed yet so we couldn’t take her home yet, not until Tuesday the following week.

I received a call two days later on Monday informing me that Zara was sick with a stomach bug and needed to be kept longer before getting fixed. I called to check in on her daily and she seemed to be improving so on Thursday when I was told she may be able to come home with us Saturday I decided we would pop over to Dakin to see if Jon could meet her. Jon was really busy with work that day and Dakin closes at 530 so I wasn’t sure if we would make it and I was also debating just hitting the gym instead of going because I was becoming impatient waiting for Jon. Something told me to just be patient (a miracle! Patience is not a strong suit for me!), so off we went to Dakin without a carrier because why would we bring it when we weren’t going to take her home?

When we got there we told the greeter our name and that we were there to see Zara. It was busy so we had a bit of a wait and naturally went in to see the other kitties. I noticed as soon as we walked in the cat area that a woman was holding an orange kitten, I knew she was holding it because she was adopting it and I thought to myself go figure there's an orange cat here today (eye roll). So I’m going around giving love to all the adult kitties, there were so many cuties! All the while Jon is scoping for orange kittens. Next thing I know Jon is asking this woman if she is getting the orange kitten she is holding and she tells him she is looking for a more affordable cat (kittens are $350) and then hands this kitten to him. I am not exactly paying attention to this whole interaction but then I just see Jon walking over to me with the cutest orange kitten I have ever seen. He is even more perfect than the one we had picked out online the weekend before that had been adopted by someone else.

The fact that Jon took to this kitten ‘Konani’ so quickly, and he was just so in love with him, my heart literally melted. In my head, I didn’t want a cat that Jon wouldn’t take to. I don’t know what would happen if he met Zara, but seeing him with Konani was just something else. While we waited, I ended up speaking to the manager of Dakin that I had met the Saturday before when I was there with my mom. She doubled checked and then let us know that we wouldn’t be able to see Zara that day. She also let us know that it was looking like she would have to stay longer than Saturday anyways. I was feeling SO guilty that I wanted Konani instead of Zara now, especially because Zara was sick. I just needed some reassurance that Zara would be adopted too and it was perfectly ok to change our minds. She reassured me and was actually surprised that Konani was available for adoption and not on hold because orange kitties are the quickest to be adopted. Next thing I know she told us he is already fixed and we can take him home that day!! On August 1st 2019 we took home our baby boy!

We discussed names for about a day before deciding on Hunter, and it just felt so right. Our Hunter boy! Jon is so in love with his “son” and shockingly enough he has not been having allergy symptoms for the most part. I bought him some Zyrtec to take daily to keep them at bay and that has worked well so far! Jon said he usually experiences symptoms when the kitten gets older, so please say a prayer for us that he gets used to his Hunter bear and doesn’t have issues later on. I still can’t believe that we have a kitten and that I am a momma again! He is so energetic and sweet, but he is also crazy and is teething which is lovely when he goes for our hands hahaha. We are working on training with treats and spray bottles and we are making some progress. As of today August 28th his favorite toys are these little plastic spiral springs and his tower of tracks. He loves to climb our blinds and screens even though we got him a cat tree (insert eye roll here), and he especially likes to climb the blinds/windows when mom and dad are outside on the balcony. He is definitely a water cat, he loves to play in and under water in the sink and if you leave open the door to the shower he'll join you! He is very vocal which I think is the cutest thing especially because Coco was a talker and I was hoping my next kitty would be too - wish granted! He sleeps all night long with his momma even when Jon is up working at night, what a miracle that he doesn't wake me up at "witching hour". He is being trained by Jon and myself to come when called, which is already working! We have a harness to be able to take him places (vet, etc), I was hoping we could use this instead of a cat carrier but only time will tell.

Overall we could not be happier to have this little one running around our apartment, and I am so thankful that Jon was willing to take a chance and fulfill my kitty dreams and that he is just as in love with him as I am!

I’m happy to be able to share our kitten adoption story with you all and always remember: adopt don’t shop!!

Be well and until next time,