4 Things To Do Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Hey all!

I have been working really hard over the last few years to get my apartment to a place where it feels cozy and home like. When I first moved in I just hated how it didn't feel like it was mine. Personalization of your space is obviously a process which takes time but anyone who knows me knows that patience is NOT one of my strong suits! However, I have found a few things that were quick and easy to make my space feel like home, so I wanted to take the time to share with you all.

Add Candles

I have candles everywhere in my house. They not only look good, but they smell even better. When I have candles lit around the house, it makes my home feel more inviting, clean, and most importantly, cozy! If you put them in candle holders, or decorate around each candle, it gives it an extra touch and will fit in with your other decor more compared to a plain candle, but also, a plain candle never hurt anyone either. One of my favorite ways to use candles is for a kitchen or dining room table setting. If you are trying to have a romantic dinner (or even if you are just wine-ing and dining yourself!), add a few candles and dim the lights. While searching Pinterest and Google, almost all of the pictures of dining room tables include candles and flowers.

Don’t Forget Other Small Touches

When you are trying to make your home more you and more cozy, don’t forget the small touches! A table in the foyer, or a shoe rack at the front door are just a few ideas. All of the textures like pillows, cloth napkins, curtains, and more, definitely come into play, as well. Coat racks used to be pretty plain and then they went out of style for a while, but they are back and better than ever! If you search around, you can find very pretty coat racks that will add some character and a touch of coziness to your home. Sit the coat rack by the door that most of your guests come in. This way, they can always drop their coats, hats, and bags when they first come in the door and you will not have to worry about them sitting around. I believe that a cozy home is a comfortable home - to you and to your guests. This means that it needs to be well thought out and one way to do that is by anticipating your guests needs ahead of time (like the coat rack).

Move Your Furniture Around

One way to add a sense of coziness to a home is figuring out what layout works best for each room in your home. It’s easy to just plop furniture down wherever and never change it up, but if you are looking for a cozy AND practical home, make the most out of your layout! What if you can’t move your large couches or bed on your own? Don’t worry! Fresh Start - The Moving Crew can help you out! They are residential and commercial movers Worcester MA and they can help move you to a new home, move your furniture in your current home, pack, and they even offer storage solutions, too, in case you are wanting to do any bigger renovations, where your furniture cannot be in the room. James Cooper is the owner of Fresh Start - The Moving Crew and he and the rest of his team strives to put the customer first, always. Their mowers are skilled and professional. In fact, they undergo 200 hours of training! While they are headquartered in Worcester and Springfield, they serve the entire New England area - and that also expands Nationwide!

Blanket Basket

I don’t think there is anything more cozy than a stack of blankets - especially in the evenings or on a cooler day. Blankets are so important to have sitting around for house guests too, but having too many blankets everywhere makes your house look cluttered and can even make you uncomfortable when they start falling on you while you are sitting on the couch trying to relax. Adding a wicker blanket basket by your couch, or an upholstered, soft basket to bedrooms is a great way to keep your blankets put away neatly, while adding a piece of decor to your home. You could also get a blanket ladder, which has been in style in the recent years!

I hope this post inspires you to make some changes around the house to make it a bit more cozy for you and your family! I know that these small changes made such a huge difference for me and my space. Heres to a happy cozy home, especially when we are all spending so much time in our homes recently with the pandemic!